Career Assessments and Guidance Site Running

Introduction to Welcome to the new home of PsyESCA career guidance and educational services

Loading Image Hi Everyone, So proud to say that is up and running. Thank you everyone for the ongoing support. Please contract me whenever you need help with any career related stuff.
This is the new homepage of PsyESCA Careers and education services.
 I still continue to try and deliver the best service and assistance to both adults and students that is at the point of choosing new career paths and would like assistance in this. My approach has always been an holistic one where I not only look at your cognitive abilities but also combine that with your interests and history to see if we can get you a career you would excel in and actually enjoy what you are doing!

Career Change Assessments

If you are looking at changing up careers and going for something new, give me a call to help you out! You could also just fill in the Contact form on my website 🙂

Subject Choices for Grade 9’s

So your child has to choose what he/she wants to become one day… So many uncertainties. Let me help you with an assessment set to get their interests and abilities understood, and helping them choose the subjects they need to, to get into their career direction that best suits their profile. I also do study methods, recruitment profiling and services. Have a look through the site and send me a message of your thoughts 🙂 Thank you, Desiree du Plessis